feminarian  noun  \fe-mə-ˈner-ē-ən\

: someone studying at a seminary who believes that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities – because that’s how God/dess created us


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  1. I think I want to be a feminarian- I’ve wanted to do Seminary for 20 years but every one I visited I left angry. Is it really possible for a feminist to not waste her money on Seminary and get to study God, worship and learn to lead? i was raised Lutheran and still go but it’s often a struggle.But I love God. Help.

    1. Hi Deanna, Thanks for your comment and your honesty. No doubt it is a challenge to be a feminist and remain in the church – and seminary certainly intensifies this. The first time I tried working on a Master of Divinity degree I walked away after one course. Now I have found a place where there are people who are thankful to have a feminist voice in the classroom. I’m not going to lie – there are still angry days (and weeks), but there are also many moments of great hope and joy. Thinking of you as you discern, happy to keep this conversation going if you like – I can send you my email address.

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