At Least Nothing Is Damaged

As I was getting into the car today the door flung open and I smashed my hand between it and the car next to me.

Even as the pain set in my only thought was: thank goodness my hand was there or I would have dented that car!

It occurred to me that this might be an erroneous way of thinking, but I really was thankful. My hand might bruise, my nail might fall off – but this all seems less painful than having to part with my money to pay for damages to my neighbours car, or having to live with the guilt of not owning up to it.

I started thinking of other times I have unconsciously risked harming people over things.  There was the time I dropped a knife and tried to cushion its fall on my new hardwood floors by stopping it with my foot.  And the times I avoided hugging clients because I knew they had bed bugs in their homes and I didn’t want them in mine.

It’s easy to value possessions over people, but I’d sure like to stop it.


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