What Would Jesus Do?

I’ve found myself thinking a lot this week about those bracelets that were a fad in the 90’s. The idea was that wearing WWJD around your wrist would remind you that you can stop for a moment and think about the action you’re about to take, then decide what Jesus would do and follow that example.

In an after-school special sort of way (those were also popular in the 90’s) you would then invite the socially awkward kid to your birthday party, or extend unwarranted forgiveness to the bully, or ask the person sitting alone on the bleachers if they wanted to dance.

Yet in the last few days this acronym has come to mind in the most odd situations, leading me to ask some different questions…

What would Jesus do upon returning home exhausted after a full day of discussing theology?  Would he eat a whole bag of chips, washing it down with Captain and Cherry Coke?

What would Jesus do if he was really, really excited about something? Would he dance in front of the mirror singing ridiculous songs?

And my favorite WWJD moment of the week:

What would Jesus do if he was a woman in 2013? Would he automatically shave his armpits without even thinking about it?

So, it turns out that my WWJD experience hasn’t led me to make better decisions, but I will admit 2 things: It’s very tempting to think that Jesus would make the same decisions I do. And there’s a whole lot about Jesus that I simply can’t know.


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