diving in

feminarian  noun  \fe-mə-ˈner-ē-ən\

: someone studying at a seminary who believes that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities – because that’s how God/dess created us

You may be surprised to find out how many feminarians exist out there.  I have met quite a few of them over the past year, men and women who:

  • know that the ordination of women doesn’t mean the work of feminism is complete or no longer needed in the church
  • are honest about the fact that Heavenly Father is an exclusively male image, and know it will take generations to rescue the name “God” from that same limited understanding
  • notice that women in the bible are called prostitutes as much as junior high girls are called whores – and take exception to both
  • are sick of people thinking Jesus was so marvelous for engaging with women – Jesus is marvelous, but basic respect is something we could have expected
  • <the list goes on… perhaps we might continue in the comments section…>

There are a lot of feminarians, and I’m not trying to represent all of them in this blog. I just think that knowing we exist might give some people in the church, and who have left the church, a little hope.

This blog is part of a course requirement at Luther Seminary. It is a way for me to engage the course material in a public way, in light of my own journey. I don’t intend for every post to be about feminism and/or seminary, but it is the platform from which I will dive into much of what I write about.


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